Porto Nativo proudly showcases the heritage of Split and its Mediterranean lifestyle.

Our concept

Porto Nativo is a family-owned accommodation with four-star hospitality standards.

We have made a special effort to provide our guests with an experience that combines a Mediterranean-style design with the local authentic Split vibe.

We are committed to bringing value back to our local community and we have also placed special attention to sustainability. We have preferred to select local suppliers and craftspeople whenever possible.

Our vibrant neighbourhood and authentic building are an important part of the Porto Nativo experience. And so are the property’s 19th-century old solid-wood exposed beams and white-washed room walls.

Our aim is that you experience the authentic Mediterranean lifestyle of Split.

room no 3

Nativo refers to all things local and authentic.
Porto Nativo is your cosy rest harbour in Split's Old Town.


Personalised touch

Porto Nativo Split is managed professionally in order to ensure high-quality accommodation standards.

The level of interaction with us is of your choice, but we are eager to help every time we can, and we would love to be your local guide in Split. We are only a call or text away.

Access to your accommodation is keyless, and self check-in and check-out are possible.

Materials and craftsmanship

Look at our materials. They are so cool. All earthy and natural. Wood & stone. And all crafted by local masons: fotelje from Slavonia, local carpenter, beds from Slavonia, textiles from Split. With one exception: lights are from Spain, the Mediterranean connection.

stone beams