Privacy Policy

Porto Nativo, Domilijina 1, 21000 Split, Croatia (hereinafter Porto Nativo), collects and processes personal data in the course of dealings associated with its activity, including but not limited to its website:

Data collected 

Porto Nativo seeks to collect and process any data accurately and in an ethical manner. The data collected may vary, e.g. in accordance with the purpose it fits. The following information may be collected:

  • Personal data, e.g. full name, email and postal addresses, phone numbers, passport/Identity Card (ID) information, etc..
  • Information proactively provided to Porto Nativo.
  • Cookies, incl. Google Analytics cookies.
  • Etc.

For the protection of any collected data, Porto Nativo will seek to implement appropriate technical measures (e.g. website encryption) and organisational measures (e.g. access-protected data storage locations).  Therefore, Porto Nativo sets an aim at ensuring the security and confidentiality of the processing of collected personal data, and at preventing unauthorised access or unauthorised use of collected personal data. As a result, the collected data will only be available to a limited number of persons.

Financial information, e.g. credit card information, may be collected during the use of the booking engine at, however Porto Nativo shall not collect this information. Rather, this information is collected directly and solely by the Payment Service Provider (PSP) affiliated with Porto Nativo for secure online payment. Porto Nativo shall not be liable for the collection and use of such information by the aforementioned PSP. Further online payment information can be seen here:

Purpose and term of data collected 

Porto Nativo may use the data collected for the following purposes:

  • Management of bookings, including the completion of any transactions therein.
  • Guest contact, communication and service. 
  • Fulfillment of Porto Nativo obligations with the Republic of Croatia.
  • Analytics and marketing activities.
  • Operation and quality.
  • Security.
  • Etc.

Porto Nativo will only store the collected data for a period during which it may fulfill the legitimate purposes listed above. As soon as any piece of collected data may not serve any of the aforementioned purposes, that piece of collected data shall be erased permanently of Porto Nativo’s archives.

Data sharing

As a rule, Porto Nativo will seek not to share any collected data with any third-party which may not play a specific role in fulfilling a legitimate purpose. In particular, a legitimate purpose may occur in case Porto Nativo is required by any relevant Authority to share any piece of collected data, in order to comply with a legal obligation or requirement. In any event, Porto Nativo will seek that appropriate security measures are observed on its end, in regards with any data share.


Porto Nativo will seek to obtain express consent prior to any data collection. Express consent is granted through the use of Porto Nativo services, including but not limited to, therefore it is strongly recommended to read and understand this Privacy Policy. Consent may be revoked at any time. Consent being not granted or revoked, may result in Porto Nativo’s inability to fulfill one or several of the listed legitimate purposes and/or services with guests.

The following may be requested to Porto Nativo at any time:

  • Access of specific data.
  • Rectification of specific data.
  • Deletion of specific data.
  • Processing restriction of specific data.
  • Portability of specific data out of Porto Nativo’s archives.
  • Object to processing of specific data.

All data-related requests shall be submitted to Porto Nativo on, together with proof of ID.

The relevant control Authority is the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency, which maybe reached as per their own indications on

Surveillance feed 

In order to protect Porto Nativo’s facilities and guests, Porto Nativo may implement an image, audio and/or video feed security system. The purpose of this system shall be general surveillance. This system will surveil only common areas, in the Porto Nativo facilities. All surveilled common areas will be signaled.

Privacy Policy updates

Porto Nativo reserves the right to implement updates to this Privacy Policy. Updates will be published on and/or communicated directly. Updates will be date-logged. Any published or communicated Privacy Policy updates will be binding immediately.

Last update: January 2022.